Current as at September 2004


Jenny Fraser

Date of birth:

25 / 8 / 1971



Creative Methods:


Artist Statement:

Because of the diverse creative mediums Jenny uses, much of her work defies categorisation. More recently her work takes iconic and everyday symbols of Australian life and places them into a context that questions the values they represent. With a laconic sense of humour she picks away at the fabric of our society, exposing contradictions, absurdities, and denial.

'Mumsy'nt' Digital Photomontage 2000

Her work is exhibited both nationally and internationally, including 'cultural copy' at the Fowler Museum in San Francisco, 'NII'KSO'KOWA: my blood relative' at the Banff Art Center and Interactiva01 and InteractivA03: biennales at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico.

She was the co-ordinator for the new media component of 'Spirit & Vision' a trienniale including the work of 94 Aboriginal Artists at the Sammlung Essl in Vienna, and also part of the curatorial working group for 'conVerge - where art and science meet', the 2002 Adelaide Biennial, which was a major survey of Australian new media artworks.

Her commitment to spreading the word about new media arts and its potential as an expressive medium for Indigenous artists is reflected in the development of Blackout, a website that showcases and promotes the work of participants to the world. Jenny's work on this site has seen it evolve into an important resource for people interested in Indigenous new media practitioners in Australia

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