Jilda Simpson


Artists Statement

Jilda has experimented with multimedia since 1995 with Apple's Hypercard. Since then, while undertaking her BA (Media and Communications) at UNSW, she has worked mostly on multimedia and interactive theory, and on a few simple interactive projects. Highlights of her multimedia work so far include:

  • New Town - Conceptual / Project Manager, Interactive sound designer. Interactive game developed using Director. Won "Best Tertiary Multimedia" award at ATOMfest 2000.
  • Home - Sound Documentary developed using SoundEdit and Dat recorders. Home looked at Squatters and the ideas of home comforts.
  • Yabby Yourself - Interactive program looking at the ways yabby's and human's reflect each other, in the natural world
  • Yarma Database - Database for the collections of cultural objects. Emphasising the object as an object of place, person, skill and function.

Although I have only produced very small scale work, I am enjoying experimenting with technologies at the moment. I am currently interested in the role technologies have in interactivity between people separated by space, and even time. The Indigenous New Media Lab 04 has given me the opportunity to meet and network with other Indigneous new media practitioners across Australia. I have also seen what is happening with new technologies in creative contexts, as well as been able to experiement with some of these with fantastic tutors.

During the Lab, I have experimented with video, flash, director, sound, photography and visual theory. I am keen to extend some of these ideas further, and within different applications.

I have also really enjoyed working on the development and production of this website. Thanks Tim for all your hard work and patience!!!!! I am really proud of the work that we have achieved!

I can be contacted at either [email protected] or [email protected]