Kye McGuire

Kye McGuire is a young Nyoongar woman from the south west of Western Australia, now living and practicing her artwork in Broome, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Her artwork reflects the urban position of Aboriginal women within Australian history. It is also a reflection of the cause and effect of colonialisation.
She illustrates this through multimedia and works of paper and canvas.
Kye is interested in "pushing into new media" and gaining experience with and exposure to a range of software.

  • Institutionalisation - impact of colonialisation, digital images
  • Breaking the Silence - a peice on child sexual abuse within the Aboriginal community, a peice on canvas, illustrating the statistics, feelings and impact of these crimes on their victims
  • Old fellas - drawings and sketches of significant male elders

The new media lab has given us mob the opportunity to meet, network and learn skills and take from each others experiences.
From this lab, I've made contacts within the new media industry that will hopefully further a career in multimedia and made bonds and friendships that will indefinitely last a life-time.

The best thing is knowing I have friends from all over Australia. I'll never be stranded!!! HAHA

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