Roseanne Viney

IRoseanne Viney is from Tasmania and she live in Launceston. In the past seven years she has been working, studying computers & information technology in the the following programs, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro 7, DreamWeaver Mx 2002, Director and Macrommedia Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro. She is trained in graphic design, web design, internet and filming, editing and producing. She completed several TAFE courses to develop video, imaging and web skills and is keen to enhance her video skills so that she can record community stories and events, in Tasmania in relation to the Aboriginal community. She believes it is important that the Aboriginal community in Tasmania is able to restore, archive and manage their materials for longevity and use for the generations to come. She is currently training in this field and is passionate about assisting her community to create and sustain such projects for the wider Tasmanian community. This will impact significantly on the Indigenous arts field in Tasmania and as a reault the broader arts community.

Attending the Indigenous lab Roseanne captured the labs Aboriginal artists on video as part of her major project and edited it in Final Cut Pro. She has gained skills in editing techquines, sound.

Website Roseanne designed in August 2004 before she attended the Lab.